Monday, June 10, 2013


In today's post I am featuring some gorgeous things from BHLDN, the Anthropologie owned shop devoted to the bridal business.

This dress is stunning for an afternoon bride, or for the bridal shower. Pure elegance in lace.

I was intrigued by these pieces. They are tatted with pearls and beads. Imaginative and beautiful designs.

I have designed a few bridal sashes with lace and flowers on luxurious silk-satin ribbon and each seems to have a personality of its own. The one featured below by BHLDN is equally as lovely.

This piece is my most favorite of the collection. A pearl encrusted clutch. I would keep this out and on display to be able to appreciate it's subtle beauty every day.

A lovely lace stole.

I found these shoes to be an interesting design. The lace upper makes them so pretty to look at but I would have to actually see (and feel) them on before I could decide if they were worth the investment.

 I decided to add these two pictures. The smokey crystal earrings would make a sweet complement to the gold lace topper.


Loving the chic"ness" of this ensemble. 

Loving lace (and pearls) as I do, I am always perusing what is "out there" to satisfy my penchant for loviness. The BHLDN website is a wonderful place to spend some time looking at beautiful things. Take a few minutes to visit and see for yourself.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Irish Lace Museum - A Virtual Visit

The internet is a magnificent thing. It allows us to virtually visit places we could only dream of traveling to. The Sheelin Lace Museum would definitely be on my travel itinerary if I were traveling to Northern Ireland.

These photos are from the Museum website and offer a glimpse of the incredible vintage laces on display and for sale there.

 What a lovely atmosphere. Imagine tending shop among these exquisite laces. I would be forced to pick up every single piece and examine its intricate pattern.

 Merchandising and creating these dreamy displays would be effortless because the lace pieces create their own aura.

I would be tempted to purchase every one of these beautiful dolls....and many of the stunning lace pieces. 
If any you have been fortunate enough to visit this lovely shop and museum, I would love to hear details about your experience. For your own virtual visit: .

Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Closer

How I love productive days....and thankfully, I have been having quite a few (the sun helps). My new holiday floral designs are flying out of the studio before I even get a chance to list them. Not to worry though, I have designed a few exclusively  for the website and will have them posted in the next few days. (If you would like to be the first to be alerted as to when they are posted, please subscribe to our email list.) They are lovingly boxed and packed, ready to ship immediately. They will ship via parcel post so allow about a week to receive them. I usually like to ship priority mail but the shipping costs for these oversized boxes were astronomical! Parcel post was far more reasonable.

After the holiday florals are posted, I will be focusing on getting a few more of our insanely popular shabby stars posted before the holidays. I have spent much time developing other aspects of the business that my sweet shabby stars have sat alone patiently waiting to be completed. Look for a new selection of shabby hearts to be released after the holidays. They are so beautiful and much easier to intricately  stitch and design because of their full shape. The love of the "heart shape"  is universal and means so much to a lot of us. I see these being even more popular than the stars. So again, sign for the newsletter to be one of the first to see them as they are unveiled.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Preparing for the Holidays

With the girls back in school now, more time is finally opening up for working in the studio. I am anxious for you to see our Holiday offerings this year. We are bringing back a few favorite categories and adding some new ones! .Looking forward to the next few months (but definitely not the cold and snow!)

We will also be reopening our my2roses floral design boutique in a few weeks, blooming with  gorgeous Holiday and Christmas designs!

Stay tuned for more announcements or please join our mailing list and we will notify you personally of all the new and exciting things going on.